About Us

What is NEXPD?

NEXPD was founded on the idea that professional development, training content and resources should be provided transparently. Students should have confidence in the quality of their learning experience and the knowledge imparted, and we achieve this by only partnering with organisation that are considered to be a Trusted Provider of educational content. Also, we clearly present the qualifications and competencies of the Presenters who develop training content on the site.

In other words, we actually show you which Company and Individual has actually developed the training content on our site.

NEXPD is not a training organisation, but instead a technology platform on which these Trusted Providers can supply their members, staff or the wider public with certified training. This can include courses, on-demand video, professional resources and even tickets to in-person or online streaming events.

NEXPD Is a Marketplace of Professional and Personal Development Content

What is a ‘trusted provider’?

This term refers to peak bodies, educational organisations (such as universities) and professional enterprises who are ‘experts in their field’. Trusted providers are knowledgeable and trustworthy.

NEXPD is all your training needs in one spot!

NEXPD is growing to be the place you come for all of your incremental learning.

Most online learning sites cater to professional certifications (university degrees or  Cert I – IV), allow anyone to create content (therefore there’s no guarantee of quality), or they are just filled with on-boarding videos from various companies.

NEXPD is focused on helping professionals fulfil their PD requirements, improve their practical industry capabilities, or just acquire much needed skills. We host quality content from Trusted Providers and qualified content creators.