Note Taking for Long Consecutive Interpreting Workshop (November 9, 2024)

Elevate Your Skills in 3 Hours: Dive into the Art of Consecutive Interpreting Note-Taking



Interpreting is a challenging cognitive process requiring an interpreter to juggle a number of competing tasks within a limited time. To be more specific, an interpreter does not only have to listen to the Source Text, understand what it means, but also reconstruct the message in the Target Language, and deliver it in a manner that accurately reflects the original speaker’s tone and emotions. As a result, interpreters are often required to strike a good balance among these competing tasks, so a message can be accurately conveyed in the other language. Effective note-taking is one of the critical skills interpreters explore to achieve such a balance, especially in long consecutive interpreting. This module looks at the basic rules of note-taking and how effective note-taking can facilitate interpreting performance.

Registration Fee:

  • $95 inc GST
  • Saturday 9 November 2024 – 1pm-4pm AEDT
  • 15% Discount for All Graduates T&I with coupon code allgw15
  • 15% Discount for AUSIT Members with coupon code ausitw15
  • 25% Discount for Students, please email BEFORE registering for the workshop

The workshop will cover:

  • Introduction and overview of note taking in consecutive
  • interpreting The general principles and the fine-tunings
  • Interactive discussion: note-taking myth busters
  • Hands-on note-taking exercises
  • Peer review and feedback

Who would this be useful for? (Target Audience)

This workshop is suitable for:

  • Aspiring interpreters seeking to enhance their interpreting skills
  • Practicing interpreters looking to refine their existing note-taking skills
  • Individuals preparing for NAATI Certified Interpreter or Certified Specialist
  • Interpreter tests

After completing the ‘Note Taking for Long Consecutive Interpreting ’ Workshop you will gain:

  • Understanding the general principles of note-taking
  • Honing the essential skills involved in note-taking such as active listening and discourse analysis
  • A step-by-step guide on how to practice

Workshop Facilitator:

Lynn Geng is a NAATI Certified Specialist Legal and Health interpreter (Mandarin/English). Lynn has 6 years of professional training in interpreting, both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees and has been practicing as a community interpreter in Australia since 2013. Lynn’s expertise extends to providing simultaneous and consecutive conference interpreting to clients from diverse sectors, including government, business, and academia. Lynn also worked as a trainer for in an interpreting and translation school for 5 years, assisting many aspiring interpreters in their preparation for NAATI credential tests.


Your Registration will include:

1. Live Workshop Attendance:
You’ll have access to the live workshop session – a dynamic and interactive setting.

2. Free Enrollment to ‘Introduction to Note Taking for Interpreters Self-Paced On-Demand Course:
As a bonus, you’ll receive complimentary enrolment into a self-paced on-demand course. The related comprehensive course is designed to reinforce and expand upon the concepts covered in the live workshop.

3. Recording of the Workshop:
Even if you attend the live session, you’ll receive a recording of the workshop for your convenience. This allows you to revisit the material whenever you want, providing a valuable resource for refreshing your learning at any time.

NAATI Recertification PD Points:

Additionally, this workshop offers a valuable opportunity to earn Professional Development (PD) points for NAATI Recertification:

  • Earn 10 PD Points for Live Workshop Attendance:

By participating in the live workshop, you’ll receive 10 PD points towards your recertification (Section 1.4 of NAATI Recertification PD Catalogue).

  • Earn an Additional 10 PD Points for Completing the Self-Paced Course:

Completing the ‘Introduction to Note Taking for Interpreters‘ self-paced on-demand course is highly recommended, as it not only enhances your understanding but also earns you an extra 10 PD points (Section 1.4 of NAATI Recertification PD Catalogue).

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