Presenter - Sarah Forget - MQ

Sarah Forget

Associate Lecturer, Department of Linguistics
Macquarie University
Sydney, Australia


Sarah Forget is an Associate Lecturer in the Department of Linguistics at Macquarie University, where she teaches translation technology and audiovisual translation at a Masters level. She started her career as a Localization Specialist and Project Manager in the IT sector, and brings her knowledge of the professional world to the classroom. Her areas of interest include translation technology, localisation project management, audiovisual translation and the training of future translators, and she is highly respected as a educator in the use of Computer-Assisted Translation tools.


Interlingual Respeaking Training (SMART Project)

University of Surrey

Certified Localization Professional

The Institute of Localisation Professionals (TILP)

Master (Translation, Project management, Technical writing)

Université Rennes 2

Bachelor Degree, Russian Language and Civilisation

Université Rennes 2