Presenter: Assistant Professor Robyn Dean

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Ethics and Professionalism

Ethics and Professionalism for Interpreters and Translators



This online course aims to help learners develop a comprehensive knowledge of the translators’ and interpreters’ professional code of ethics. In Australia, NAATI certified translators and interpreters should comply with the AUSIT Code of Ethics as part of their ongoing certification. AUSIT (Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators) is the national professional association of translators and interpreters in Australia. This online course will concentrate on developing learners’ knowledge and application of the AUSIT Code of Ethics in their translating and interpreting assignments. Learners will gain knowledge of the ethical requirements for translators and interpreters in Australia. This course is composed of video narrated presentations, quizzes and instructional videos to establish best practice when practitioners are met with ethical challenges in the translating and interpreting context.

20 points
PD Certificate