This workshop suits practitioners and students preparing for the NAATI Certified Interpreter Sight Translation tasks, or seeking to improve their Sight Translation skills. Strengthen your understanding of the challenges involved in producing a good sight translation. Focus on developing skills for producing sight translations that are faithful to the original and easy for listeners to follow.

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Introduction to Sight Translation

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Sight Translation (ST) is an oral translation of a written text (Gile, 2000). Interpreters working at all levels (RPI, CPI, CI) may be asked to sight translate various documents during their interpreting assignments. This online module aims to provide interpreters with an understanding of the ST process and the challenges involved in producing a good sight translation. We will discuss the use of ST in community interpreting settings, including legal, health, education, and welfare.

The ST module also aims to assist interpreters in developing skills for producing a sight translation that is faithful to the original and easy for the listener to follow in the target language. We will provide interpreters with ample opportunity to practise sight translation through exercises involving typical texts.

Who would this be useful for?

This module is suitable for interpreters working in community settings at the RPI, CPI and CI level, who wish to understand the process of sight translation and improve their skills.

This course will cover the following items:

Introduction to sight translation

Overview of settings in which ST is used in community interpreting

ST process, challenges, and procedures

Skills and strategies needed to produce an accurate and fluent ST

Practice in sight translating typical texts

Tips for further practice and improvement of ST skills

Course outcomes


The sight translation process and procedures

Community interpreting settings where ST is used with the typically associated texts

What makes a good sight translation


Produce an accurate and fluent sight translation

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