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Languages, Translating and Interpreting (School of Global, Urban and Social Studies)

Located in the heart of Melbourne on RMIT’s City campus, the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies (GUSS) is one of RMIT’s largest schools and provides teaching programs in multiple discipline areas, from undergraduate to PhDs. In the area of Languages, Translating and Interpreting, GUSS is intrumental in building the high-level language skills and cultural knowledge that are vitally important to communicate effectively with people and cultures in this era of globalised economies and communities.

RMIT University has worked collaboratively with industry leading Language Service Provider All Graduates – Intepreting & Translating since the mid 1990s. A snapshop of the university forums, research projects and interpreter and translator training sessions that have been delivered during this time includes:

  • 2nd International Conference on Community Translation
  • Interpreting at The Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) & The Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT)
  • Interpreter Ethics for Services Australia Sessional Interpreters
  • Interpreting in Voluntary Assisted Dying context
  • Telehealth Video Remote Interpreting
  • Vicarious Trauma for Interpreters
  • Ethics for Police Translators and Interpreters


Ranked #5 in Australia for graduate employability 15,800+ industry placements for students in 2020

Ranked #3 globally for environmental, social and economic impact

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