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Interpreting in Speech Pathology Settings

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This webinar is for interpreters working with speech pathologists, or those preparing to work in health care settings more generally.

In this webinar, participants will gain insight into what to expect when interpreting in a broad range of speech pathology settings. Participants will be invited to consider why speech pathology might be considered a “special” interpreting context, how to prepare for assignments and the different challenges that can arise when working in speech pathology settings.

This 90-minute webinar covered:

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Elizabeth Ambrose is a NAATI certified translator and Certified Practising Speech Pathologist. After completing a Bachelor of Arts/Law at Melbourne University, she went on to obtain a Graduate Diploma in Translation (Concordia University). Elizabeth worked at the Australian Embassy in Paris before taking up a position as Translator/Interpretation Coordinator at the International Criminal Court, where she worked for over ten years. She has recently obtained her Master’s in Speech Pathology and is passionate about speech pathology service delivery in multilingual contexts. She is currently working at Curtin University on research investigating bilingual language processing in stroke survivors, and continues to work as a freelance translator.

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