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Translating and Interpreting Skills

‘Translating and Interpreting Skills’ by Macquarie University


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This bundle of courses dives into the skills and techniques needed by Interpreters and Translators in various professional circumstances. Presenters will explore technology, accessibility and fidelity and theories of practice. This collection of on-demand courses is suitable for practitioners regardless of their level of certification, but we highly recommend those practising below the “Certified Translator” or “Certified Interpreter” level consider this bundle as crucial to their growing skillset. Upgrade your capabilities today by building your language skills and knowledge.

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Translation Technology

Introduction to Translation Technology



CAT, TenT, MT, MT-PE, … You have read and heard about these acronyms but are not sure what they mean? You have had conversations about translation technology, maybe have tried some tools for yourself but could not find the right one for you. Translation technology is a must-have for any T&I practitioner these days, but it can be overwhelming to find the tools that are right for you. Join us to find out what is available on the market and get an idea of what these new technologies can really bring to your daily work.

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