This workshop suits practitioners and students preparing for the NAATI Certified Interpreter Simultaneous Monologue Interpreting tasks, or seeking to improve their Simultaneous Interpreting skills. Including enrolment in the Introduction to Chuchotage course, this workshop and focuses on Simultaneous Interpreting practice. Participants will practise chuchotage and develop strategies for resolving SI challenges through practical interpreting exercises in community settings. Although chuchotage is tested at the Certified Interpreter level and above, it is a necessary technique in community settings as in many situations whispered SI allows the interpreter to achieve the required accuracy level (Gonzalez & Lai, 2022). Therefore, interpreters working at all levels of certification need to be able to switch to chuchotage when required.

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Introduction to Chuchotage

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Under the current NAATI Certification system, professional interpreters are required to demonstrate knowledge and skills in the use of the simultaneous (chuchotage) mode. This course aims to provide interpreters with an understanding of what chuchotage is as well as when and how this essential interpreting mode is applied in community settings. Learners are also provided an opportunity to practise basic simultaneous interpreting techniques through practical exercises.

Part 1 of the course aims to provide interpreters with an understanding of when and how to apply this essential mode in medical and legal interpreting settings.

Part 2 of the course focuses on strategies for resolving simultaneous interpreting challenges. It also provides participants with an opportunity to practice and polish this essential interpreting mode through practical interpreting exercises in legal and medical contexts.

Who would this be useful for?

This module would be useful for all interpreters working in community settings at the CPI and CI level, who wish to develop a sound theoretical and practical foundation for practising chuchotage.

This course will cover the following items:

Introduction to chuchotage – definitions and some theory

Overview of settings in which chuchotage is used in community interpreting

Practice in basic simultaneous interpreting (SI) techniques

Simultaneous interpreting (chuchotage) in legal and medical settings

Practice of chuchotage in medical and legal settings in practical activities

Challenges in chuchotage practice and strategies for overcoming them

Tips on how to practice and improve SI skills

Course outcomes


What chuchotage is and is not

When why and how to switch from consecutive interpreting to the chuchotage mode

Settings where chuchotage is used in community interpreting

Settings where chuchotage is used in medical and legal interpreting

Strategies for overcoming common challenges associated with chuchotage

How to practice and perfect your chuchotage skills


Practise basic simultaneous interpreting techniques

Switch from the consecutive to the chuchotage mode when required

Effectively apply the chuchotage mode in legal and medical settings

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Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University
Melbourne, Australia

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