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Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) can be a cost-effective, quick and easy way of providing interpreting services. However, it can be quite a challenging mode of delivery for practitioners due to technical issues and its complex and cognitively demanding nature. This course will explore Video Remote Interpreting through the perspective of all participants i.e., Service Providers, Interpreters and CaLD clients, and aim to teach learners how to employ certain strategies when they are faced with challenges and dilemmas. The course will also show learners how to use various Video Interpreting platforms through instructional videos.  

Who would this be useful for?

The course will be useful for all community interpreters providing their services via Video Remote Interpreting.

This course will cover the following items:

Definitions of Remote Interpreting and different methods used

Advantages of VRI for Service Providers, Interpreters and CaLD clients

Importance of visual cues and non-verbal communication

Challenges of VRI and strategies that can be employed

How to use a variety of Video Interpreting platforms such as: HealthDirect (Telehealth), Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Whereby

Course outcomes


This course includes:

Video narrated presentations


Instructional videos to establish best practice when working with this method.

Certificate Earned

 A professional development certificate will be issued upon completion of the course. Learners will be eligible to receive 10 points towards recertification (Section 1.4 of NAATI Recertification PD Catalogue). Some courses may attract PD points from multiple categories. Please choose the most appropriate category for your recertification.


Course Completion Guidelines

Students are required to read and complete all the course content, including watching all videos, and successfully completing all assessments. In order to attain your certificate, you need to score 100% on each assessment. Students will have unlimited attempts to complete the course over the length of their access.


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All Graduates – Interpreting & Translating
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