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Vicarious Trauma for Interpreters

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This webinar is for interpreters and translators.

When we interpret, we often immerse ourselves in the client’s emotional world in order to convey what is meant by them. It may not occur to us this empathic engagement may create unexpected consequences. Many professions such us counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers listen to graphic descriptions of horrific events as part of their job. Research shows that, over time, these professionals may experience similar symptoms as their trauma clients, and further feel changes within themselves, and about the way they see the world. If this may happen to these professionals, there is no reason to assume that interpreters would be immune, given we work in the exact same setting as them. This webinar aims to increase our awareness of Vicarious Trauma and promote self-care.

This 90-minute webinar covered:

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Dr Miranda Lai is senior lecturer in Translating and Interpreting Studies at RMIT University. She has published widely in public service interpreting and its training. Her research interests include police interpreting, public service interpreting, and ethics for translators and interpreters. She is the co-author of Police Investigative Interviews and Interpreting: Context, Challenges, and Strategies and Ethics for Police Translators and Interpreters.

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