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Interpreting in Mental Health Settings (Translating & Interpreting in Healthcare Settings)



This course is designed for interpreters aiming to enhance their skills in the challenging yet crucial field of mental health settings. Participants will delve into the complexities of interpreting in these environments, gaining a comprehensive understanding of ethical considerations and guidelines specific to mental health interpretation.

Who would this be useful for?

This module would be useful for interpreters working in Mental Health settings.

This course will cover the following items:

Mental Health Settings


Issues for Interpreters

Bipolar Disorder

Anxiety Disorders

Schizophrenia/Psychotic Episode

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Screening Tools and Protocols

Forensic Psychiatry Interpreting

Interpreting guidelines

Course outcomes


Different classifications of Mental Health disorders (DSM-5, ICD)

Some of the most common Mental Health disorders and the specific challenges they pose for the interpreter

Guidelines for interpreting in Mental Health settings, including working with other interpreters

Challenges involved when interpreting in forensic psychiatry settings

Screening tools used in the diagnostic assessment of certain conditions


Interpret in a range of mental health settings

Overcome some of the challenges when working in mental health settings

Prepare to interpret questions that are part of some of the commonly used screening tools

Certificate Earned

 A professional development certificate will be issued upon completion of the course. Learners will be eligible to receive points towards recertification (Section 1.4 of NAATI Recertification PD Catalogue). Some courses may attract PD points from multiple categories. Please choose the most appropriate category for your recertification.


Course Completion Guidelines

Students are required to read and complete all the course content, including watching all videos, and successfully completing all assessments. In order to attain your certificate, you need to score 100% on each assessment. Students will have unlimited attempts to complete the course over the length of their access.


Presented By

Presenter - Ineke Crezee
Professor of Translation and Interpreting
Auckland University of Technology
Auckland, New Zealand

Provided By

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