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In this course, you will learn the frequently used roots, prefixes, and suffixes of common medical terminology. Learning Medical Terminology can seem like a daunting task at first. It could, in fact, be like learning a whole other language. In reality, memorising all of the words in a medical dictionary may prove to be impossible. Do not fear! There is a simple way to learn and understand Medical Terminology. Most words are simply a combination of different parts or elements. In this course, you will learn the frequently used roots, prefixes, and suffixes of common medical terminology through studying the anatomy, physiology and pathology of body and organ systems.  

Who would this be useful for?

This course is designed for all non-clinical staff working in healthcare settings such as interpreters & translators, medical receptionists, administrative assistants and anyone else working behind the scenes, in a non-clinical role, assisting medical staff. This course is also recommended for interpreters who are preparing for the Knowledge Test component of the NAATI Certified Specialist Health Interpreter Test.

This course will cover the following items:

Teaching Medical Terminology through; basic anatomy and physiology of the main body systems,

Most common diseases and disorders,

Assessment and treatment methods, including commonly used medicines.

Course outcomes


Foundational Medical Terminology: Acquire a solid foundation in medical terminology, encompassing roots, prefixes, and suffixes used in healthcare settings.

Anatomy and Physiology Knowledge: Develop an understanding of basic anatomy and physiology of the main body systems, enabling effective communication in healthcare contexts.

Disease and Disorder Recognition: Identify and comprehend the terminology associated with the most common diseases and disorders, facilitating improved communication with medical professionals.

Assessment and Treatment Terminology: Familiarize yourself with assessment and treatment methods commonly employed in healthcare, including the vocabulary related to commonly used medicines.

Interpreting Medical Terminology: Equip yourself with the skills to interpret and decipher complex medical terms, aiding in precise communication and documentation.


Communication Skills: Enhance your ability to effectively communicate with medical professionals, patients, and colleagues using accurate medical terminology.

Interpretation Skills: Develop proficiency in interpreting medical terminology, ensuring clear and precise understanding in a healthcare context.

Documentation Proficiency: Learn how to accurately document medical information and records, reducing the risk of errors and misunderstandings.

Problem-Solving Abilities: Acquire the skills to analyse and understand medical terms, enabling you to problem-solve and provide informed assistance in healthcare settings.

This course includes:

Video narrated lectures,

3D animated explainer videos,


Downloadable Medical Terminology Workbook

Downloadable glossary of terms

Certificate Earned

 A professional development certificate will be issued upon completion of the course. Learners will be eligible to receive 40 points towards recertification (Section 1.4 of NAATI Recertification PD Catalogue). Some courses may attract PD points from multiple categories. Please choose the most appropriate category for your recertification.


“Ineke Crezee’s Medical Terminology course is an excellent way to familiarise practitioners with this bewilderingly extensive terminology, but most importantly – make sense of it and find the key to further self-education. The course succinctly covers terminology in the major medical disciplines, starting with a historical and structural account of its Greek-Latin basis which bamboozles so many. Crucially, Crezee places the learning of each discipline’s terminology within its context, providing core vocabulary and its meaning and reinforcing learning with judicious repetition and comparison.

This course can be recommended to any practitioner, and while of most use to those new to the medical interpreting field, will be illuminating even to seasoned practitioners. Crezee has become a global superstar of this field with her book Introduction to Healthcare for Interpreters and Translators (2013) initially for her own New Zealand practitioners, but having it now adapted into many languages because of its elegant and informative structure and attention to context.”

Dr Uldis Ozolins, Adjunct Associate Professor, Western Sydney University, co-author of Liaison Interpreting (1996), Community Translation (2016).


“This latest course, released by Conversations: Education offers invaluable insights into the complex language of healthcare, making it accessible and comprehensible to individuals assisting medical professionals behind the scenes. It is also a valuable resource for interpreters preparing for the Knowledge Test component of the NAATI Certified Specialist Health Interpreter Test.

The course content, encompassing basic anatomy, common diseases, assessment and treatment methods, and medication terminology, is comprehensive and relevant to the healthcare field. Moreover, the inclusion of video narrated lectures, 3D animated explainer videos, quizzes, a downloadable Medical Terminology Workbook, and a glossary of terms ensures an engaging and interactive learning experience.

Beyond the acquisition of essential medical terminology, the provision of a professional development certificate on completion of the course will be a valuable asset to any non-clinical staff working in the healthcare industry.”

Associate Professor Marc ORLANDO, Director of the Translation and Interpreting Program, Department of Linguistics, Macquarie University.

Course Completion Guidelines

Students are required to read and complete all the course content, including watching all videos, and successfully completing all assessments. In order to attain your certificate, you need to score 100% on each assessment. Students will have unlimited attempts to complete the course over the length of their access.


Presented By

Presenter - Ineke Crezee
Professor of Translation and Interpreting
Auckland University of Technology
Auckland, New Zealand

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Translating & Interpreting in Healthcare – Medical Terminology Bundle


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Buy in bulk and save when you purchase this Translating & Interpreting in Healthcare Settings - Medical Terminology Bundle comprising 9 Short Courses and 1 Full Course. All courses in this bundle are designed and delivered by Professor Ineke Crezee, author of the popular textbook Introduction to Healthcare for Interpreters and Translators (2013).

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